Tuesday, August 2, 2011

237. (more amy.)

as i wrote last week, i am deeply saddened by the passing of amy winehouse. i decided to paint a "serious" portrait of her as a tribute to her and how i felt about her. i didn't want to touch on her substance abuse or her turbulent personal life, i just wanted to paint the beautiful girl that got caught in the undertow of fame. the jokes about amy aren't funny anymore, and i felt like i owed it to her to move away from making her in to a caricature. i think the picture i took above doesn't capture all of the textures of the painting, so here's an awkward close up:

if i believed in a god or heaven, i would hope that she was somewhere better. all i can say is that i hope in her last days and moments, she was happy and felt loved and content. this will not be the last work i do inspired by amy, her inspiration to me aesthetically will go on for as long as i make art.

"we only said goodbye with words, i died a hundred times. you go back to her, and i go back to black."