Saturday, July 23, 2011

236. (RIP amy winehouse.)

amy winehouse was my muse. say what you will about her eccentricities and rampant drug use, miss winehouse was a force of nature. i was instantly attracted to her- her raspy voice, tattoos, beehive hairdoo that seemed larger than she was, her throwback style. back to black is one of my top five favorite albums. aside from her immense talent, amy was always a source of inspiration to me. the girl was fun to draw. she had the most expressive face. i loved her even when she was crazy drunk, wandering the streets in a bra and shorts. i loved her when she was sober and at her best. it's such a shame she never got it together. i always hoped she would pull through and meet her full potential. i hate that she has been made a joke of since her debut, and now will be a joke after her death. 

here's some of the sketches/illustrations i have done, inspired by amy:

RIP, pretty lady.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

235. (sketchbook post 40.)

234. (feltness.)



teeny john waters.

odelia owl.

matryoshka dolls.