Monday, June 14, 2010

157. (byo show in shepherd express!)

peep dat coverage!

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John Dubord said...

Catherine--sorry not to call but the call did not connect, and so I looked for your email and found this. I have decided to work with another illustrator. I want to thank you for meeting with me Monday and showing your work, and sharing your enthusiasm for my little Toad project. I also thank you for the interest in old Freddie. I'll past my little jottings here. My best to you, your mermaid, and your love of Queen and Freddie. Maybe we will work together another time?

John Dubord

To Freddie Mercury, whom I do not know

Listening to your old songs purchased for my son at Christmas,
I reassemble memory of music twenty years before.
The sense of ill-at-ease it brought me then, it brings me now,
Fire-flickers to a summer moth in transit.

I think of you as tender, sauteed in brash and outrage,
Sensual as you sing me in the
Eye until I flinch.
Do not embarrass me, do not come on, and
Yes I am afraid, but so are you.

From one seat in the Band Shell of this world,
across the ocean from your house,
across the wash of fame and aids and adulation,
held in no one’s closet now. . .
from one small seat I hereby stand and cheer,
and I embrace you.
You have shaken Fire and Light,
Mister Fahrenheit,
And I have been inside a supersonic skin
At your suggestion, more than once.