Saturday, November 28, 2009

119. (new sketch book project post 1.)

for my newest sketchbook, i decided to go in a different direction. since it's been a while since i have done an actual full illustration that wasn't a private commission or gift that i didn't feel like posting. so, i decided i would dedicate this journal to illustration sketches only and not just comics and doodles (although that will be back soonish).

so for my first two weeks of this journal, i sketched out and started to finalize two groups of illustrations.

the first group is a series of illustrations of metaphysical concepts as told with sideshow performers (the concepts are choice [conjoined twins], self [lady cut in half], perception [bearded lady], essence [strong man], and value [tall man, tiny woman].) i thought that circus performers and geeks were a good representation of these concepts, and of the human condition in general.

the second series is more light-hearted: signage for areas of the home as told by monsters (areas are: kitchen, bedrooms [kid, teen, adult], bathroom, living room, office, entrance]).

here are the sketches and early finals:

the finals of the illustrations will be coming soon!

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dandeliondog said...

holy crap these are all so cute! my favorite is the conjoined twins :) so glad to see you doing more illustrations for yourself! I need to get back into doing more of those...