Wednesday, October 15, 2008

073. (body parts, part five.)

spine, 2008. acrylics, copyright catherine palmeno, 2008.

this is the last one of this series. i will most likely do another part to the body parts series. this one is the most simple of the series. i wanted to rely on color, and shape. the spine is a weird concept to me. its so metaphoric and physical at the same time, like the heart or the brain. my family has a history of back problems, whether it is possible to be inherited or other wise. this is in particular for my sister, who's had the most problems. i could wax poetic on the metaphorical meaning for her, but i will save that.

this series will be on display friday, october 17th, 2008 here: (on the eastside.)
after that, i will be giving all the paintings away. if you would like one in the next series commissioned (for a low cost, i promise), email me:

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