Sunday, October 19, 2008

074. (pezzittino poster.)

pezzittino poster, 2008. cut paper and photoshop. copyright catherine palmeno.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

073. (body parts, part five.)

spine, 2008. acrylics, copyright catherine palmeno, 2008.

this is the last one of this series. i will most likely do another part to the body parts series. this one is the most simple of the series. i wanted to rely on color, and shape. the spine is a weird concept to me. its so metaphoric and physical at the same time, like the heart or the brain. my family has a history of back problems, whether it is possible to be inherited or other wise. this is in particular for my sister, who's had the most problems. i could wax poetic on the metaphorical meaning for her, but i will save that.

this series will be on display friday, october 17th, 2008 here: (on the eastside.)
after that, i will be giving all the paintings away. if you would like one in the next series commissioned (for a low cost, i promise), email me:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

072. (body parts-part five.)

gallbladder, 2008. acrylic, copyright catherine palmeno 2008. almost done, just needs a coat of gloss. i hate that you can't see all the little nuances in the picture, like the detail in the flower or the wash behind it. wah. i guess you have to see it in person.

spine in process. my work station is my kitchen floor. the dishes are piling up since i work all the time. oh well.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

071. (body parts- part four.)

gallbladder, in process. gallbladder problems run in my family, on my mom's side. my great grandma almost died in her twenties when hers ruptured. my grandmother, an aunt of mine, and my mother have all had theirs removed. i will probably lose mine someday. this painting is for my mom. i'm doing it in almost a pretty tattoo flash pin up sort of way, except instead of a hot girl, there's an organ.

i should mention that i'm doing all of the paintings in styles to suit the receiver. amanda's is pop art-y. sharon's is more indie and cute. matt's is rawer. mom's is pretty.

the next one i'm going to do is a spine for my sister. she's had some really bad back problems, so bad it's effected her vision, if you can believe that. i don't know what style that's going to be in, but there will be a lot of purple probably. stay tuned.